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We have plans so out of this world that you will hardly believe them! Just Simply OUT OF THIS WORLD! We specialize providing Alpha and reseller plans. This provides with the resources to start a profitable business being your own webhost.

This sounds complicated but we make it simple. You will be provided with learning resources, FAQ, and a friendly support system were you are respected and treated like you are important.

Powerful Website Hosting perfect for WordPress and Ecommerce

All Plans Include

  • One click script Installer
  • WordPress Manager
  • WordPress toolkit
  • PHP version and ini editor
  • Security
  • SSL by letsEncrypt
  • Backup Manager
  • Database tools to include PHPMyAdmin
  • Visitor and error logs
  • Full email services

Fully Managed and Powerful Website Hosting

We use AI to help customers is revolutionizing the way users experience web hosting services. With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the company is able to provide users with a more personalized and efficient experience. AI technology is used to analyze user behavior and preferences, allowing to tailor its services to meet the individual needs of each customer. This means that users can get the most out of their web hosting experience, with features such as automated backups, faster loading times, and more secure hosting. AI also allows to provide users with more accurate recommendations and suggestions, ensuring that they get the best possible service. With AI, is taking web hosting to the next level, providing users with an enhanced and more personalized experience.